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Empowering voice users through function-based information, kinesthetic awareness, and fun to achieve vocal health and individual artistry
Dr. Tanya Kruse, Voice Pedagogue



Hello there! Whether you're a professional singing actor, a professional classical singer, or a CCM (contemporary commercial music) style professional, I offer lessons/coaching to help you level up. If you're an adult who is recovering from a vocal pathology or illness affecting the voice, I can help you get back to singing healthily and with joy. If you need a boost as a public speaker, either as a teacher or lecturer of any kind, I can meet you in your space and mentor you on effective, healthy use of your voice and projection/elocution. For those seeking a master class clinician or speaker, I offer deep dives into topics such as vocal health, understanding how to teach CCM and music theatre styles after being trained in the classical tradition, and more. Building voices using science, play, and kinesthesia for versatility within many styles/genres while creating a nurturing, encouraging, and positive environment is my MO. Voice building, educating the educators, mentoring emerging artists, promoting vocal health, and singing for the joy of it are my jam! If I sound like your jam, let’s work together.


About  Dr. Tanya Kruse

I offer voice and technique building to adult singers in classical, country, pop, and music theatre genres. Audition preparation, musicianship, acting, recovery from illness or pathology, and joy-seeking are my specialty. Public speech-makers can also work with me on effective voice use, as can other professional voice users, such as classroom teachers who need assistance with their vocal health.

I live in Waukesha with my husband, two children, and sweet pup Ethel. When I'm not teaching, I am probably selling real estate, kayaking, biking outdoors, or listening to my favorite podcasts.


Emerging professional or professional singer

Offering coaching and lessons to further develop technique, genre-appropriate style, and personal artistry in singing


Professional voice user or adult with voice challenges

Offering coaching and lessons for those healing from vocal injury and/or who are exiting speech therapy, want to gain vocal health, and/or are wanting to improve voice quality

Vocal Challenges

Jennifer Shanin

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“Investing in Tanya’s coaching has strengthened my vocal abilities and empowered my mindset around performing. Since 2014, I have received excellent vocal instruction from Tanya in classical and contemporary styles. Tanya’s science-based teaching in vocal function helped me strengthen my chest voice, adding half an octave to my lower range! As both my teacher and colleague, I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the operatic stage with her all-encompassing, palpable energy and lush, colorful soprano voice. Tanya is immensely supportive as a mentor to me as I open my own voice studio. I continually feel supported, valued, and comfortable while I am in her studio.”

George Lorimer

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“I began working with Tanya after I graduated college. My college training had focused on opera and art song, but I felt uncomfortable performing contemporary musical theatre, rock, and pop. Working with Tanya helped me realize the full potential of my voice. Her mastery of musical style and vocal pedagogy is comprehensive. In my lessons, she has fixed issues quickly and clearly with simple, effective adjustments. Since beginning our lessons I've seen my range grow, my tone become clearer, and my repertoire become more diverse. Her work has given me the tools to master any piece of music given to me."


"I have had the distinct pleasure of studying under Dr. Tanya Kruse since 2018 when I moved to Milwaukee to pursue my graduate degree in vocal performance. Both in and out of school, she has helped me to navigate my voice and the performance world. Through a pedagogical approach, Dr. Kruse is able to be specific in her instruction and explain what needs to change in order for your singing voice to function freely. She has really helped me to solidify my technique, expand my range and help me find a consistent tone throughout my voice. With Dr. Kruse, I have been able to build a solid chest voice, low to mid mix voice, as well as an extended top range, none of which I had before studying with her. Outside of technique, we also work on style, character and performance. While these aspects do not come as easily to me, her wealth of knowledge and reassurance have helped me to embrace my own ideas and informed opinions to make performance choices that are unique to me. Dr. Kruse is my teacher, mentor and friend. Her guidance has helped me to reach higher goals and step into my own as a professional singer. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"
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Autumn Schacherl

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