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Whether you're a professional singing actor, a professional classical singer, or a CCM (contemporary commercial music) style professional, I offer lessons/coaching to help you level up. If you're an adult who is recovering from a vocal pathology or illness affecting the voice, I can help you get back to singing healthily and with joy. If you need a boost as a public speaker, either as a teacher or lecturer of any kind, I can meet you in your space and mentor you on effective, healthy use of your voice and projection/elocution. For those seeking a master class clinician or speaker, I offer deep dives into topics such as vocal health, understanding how to teach CCM and music theatre styles after being trained in the classical tradition, and more. Building voices using science, play, and kinesthesia for versatility within many styles/genres while creating a nurturing, encouraging, and positive environment is my MO. Voice building, educating the educators, mentoring emerging artists, promoting vocal health, and singing for the joy of it are my jam!

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Cameron Henrickson

"Tanya Kruse is a wonderful, professional voice teacher. She is knowledgeable in the craft of singing and how to engage the singer to reach their full potential. Tanya teaches the foundation of singing that allows singers to sing in any style. She helped me realize that I was singing the wrong voice type and found ways to make the transition easier and more sustainable for the long run. I highly recommend Tanya to anyone who wants to grow as a professional artist in this craft."


Becky Cofta

“Tanya has helped me build my voice from the ground up. She has done a tremendous job of giving me the tools to hone my technique and unlearn my bad habits. I recommend her to anybody and everyone!”

Jessica Pihart Headshot.jpg

Jessica E. Pihart

For about 2 1/2 years, Tanya Kruse Ruck has been my amazing mentor and friend. After starting from the beginning to work on posture and proper breathing,  I am now singing “on the breath” while riding the waves of the sound. The exercises have helped me with my overall vocal health and I am using my breath more efficiently.  Having continued our lessons, I was well-prepared when my chorus rehearsals reengaged last fall. I continue to grow as a singer and my confidence is much more evident.


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