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Tanya's Reviews

Madama Butterfly, Cio Cio San
Skylight Opera Theatre

"I don’t know about Pinkerton, but I for one fell for Tanya Kruse when she sang 'just love me a little' so softly and simply. Kruse’s acting was so right as to be invisible. Her singing combined unreserved commitment with complete technical control; that thrilling paradox so rarely achieved, is the main reason we go to the opera. She may or may not sing this role in big houses some day, but those of us lucky enough to see and hear her at the Skylight will never forget that Tanya Kruse is a great Madame Butterfly”.

Tom Strini, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Skylight Opera’s production, which opened last weekend, creates an ultimately good effect largely because of the open-hearted, vocally intriguing Tanya Kruse. When she finds a juicy groove in the upper-middle and high parts of her voice, she proves that the formidable part of Butterfly, one of the most taxing of soprano roles, is within her capabilities. Kruse’s best asset is a completely sincere identification with the music and the part. You care about her.”

Rick Walters, Shepard Express

“Soprano Tanya Kruse makes her Skylight debut as Cio Cio San, and her unfaltering, passionate arias carry the show”.
Sarah Van Harpen,

“Tanya Kruse embodies her character of Butterfly through an impressive soprano voice that literally soars. In putting raw emotions, yearning and frustration at the forefront in Act 2, all vanity is shed. Kudos to Kruse, who puts herself into this role completely, Butterfly’s glowing then desperate heart showing through her baggy housedress, her hair in pins.”

​Barbara Zaferos, Weekender

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Concert and Recital Reviews

"Having conducted the Bernard Gilmore “Five Folksongs…” on numerous occasions, I was amazed at the extraordinarily beautiful performance of this work by Soprano Tanya Kruse Ruck. Personally I was very moved, not only by the magnificent musical product your group created, but also the great love and integrity you demonstrated in its preparation. We all relish those moments when music opens the heart and exposes the soul."

William V. Johnson, President WASBE

Published CD Review


“Rounding out this disk is music from two other female composers who seem to have relatively little in common with Elsa Respighi aside from gender, except perhaps for a certain emotional generosity and openheartedness, qualities that suit soprano Tanya Kruse Ruck very well indeed.” 

NATS Journal, March/April 2015, “The Listener’s Gallery” by Gregory Berg Over the Fence: Songs of Elsa Respighi, Lori Laitman, and Modesta Bor.  Tanya Kruse Ruck, soprano; Elena Abend, piano. 

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